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Welcome to our bicycle touring website.

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  Cycling has become an integral part of our lives. At first it was a means of improving fitness, but has since become a much bigger force. We still do the daily rides to maintain conditioning, but cycle touring has become our focus. We've enjoyed touring the Blue Ridge Parkway, Transamerica, Northern Tier, Southern Tier and Great Rivers routes.   The following journals and photo albums give an account of those bike trips.  There is no better way to see America than sitting on a bicycle traveling cross country at 12mph.

We have enjoyed cycling for most of our lives and have been doing cycle touring since 1994.  During the working part of our lives we were teachers in central Pennsylvania (Carol a 1st grade teacher, while Gary taught secondary math), but completed those careers in 2001 and moved permanently to southwest Florida.  Now cycling is a year round activity for us.  We enjoy attending cycling events such as Bike Florida, Highlands Bike Fest, and tandem rallies, but cycle touring is our real passion.  The links below tell the stories of some of those tours.  Enjoy!

Blue Ridge Parkway 1997

America by Bicycle 2002

America by Bicycle 2005

Friends & Family Tour 2007

Blue Ridge Parkway 2008

National Parks Tour 2009 - Coming soon!