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Welcome to our cross country bike trip!

Riding a bicycle has always been a part of our lives.  When we were kids it was our means of transportation.  Our memories are filled with images of us playing with our friends,  running errands for our parents, and going to school.  All these activities were accomplished on a bicycle.  There are also the memories of just spending time down at the corner talking with friends while sitting on the trusty bike.  Life was good!

While working and raising our family it was a joy to watch the kids outside enjoying their bicycles.  Seeing them ride up and down the road and depending on them to run errands brought back fond memories of our own childhood.  We would even occasionally sneak a ride for ourselves hoping to regain the freedom we had enjoyed as a child.  Life was good!

Now that we are retired cycling has become an important part of our lives.  At first it was a means of improving fitness, but has since become a much bigger force.  We still do the daily rides to maintain conditioning, but cycle touring has become our focus.  There is no better way to see America than sitting on a bike traveling at 12mph.  Life is good!

In June 2002 we set out on our maiden voyage across the US by riding the Transamerica Trail.  On that trip we had the pleasure of meeting June Curry, the infamous "cookie lady".  While there we met a friend of hers named Cindy.  She had ridden across the Transamerica Trail in 1983 and has since moved to Palmyra, Virginia to be near Mrs. Curry and help out as needed.  She told us, "Once you've completed your cross country trip you'll never be the same person.  The places you visit and the people you meet leave a lasting impression on you, and gives you a whole new outlook on life."  She was right!  Our lives have not been the same!  That trip was so fantastic that we made the plans to do another.  This one takes a different route, but still encounters the same breath taking scenery and genuine people as the first.  We hope you enjoy our story, but more importantly we hope you get inspired to see America from the seat of a bicycle.   

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